Paper and Demonstration Submission

To submit your contribution (i.e. paper for presentation or demonstration) you must connect to the web site:

Prior to submitting online you must register, using your email as login and a password of your choice.

After having registered, you will receive confirmation of your registration via email. Once registration is complete, login to the website. On the menu on the left of the screen click on Submission of contributions, then

  1. Select the theme and topic to which your submission belongs. Your contribution will be sent to reviewers based upon your topic selection.
  2. Select the type of contribution from the options: Presentation / Demonstration proposal.
  3. Add keywords
  4. Attach your file which should be in word format
  5. Upload your paper by clicking on the “Upload and continue with step 2” button
  6. In step 2 specify the authors of the submission and finally click on “Save authors and complete the paper submission”.

Once the paper is submitted you will receive an email confirmation of your submission. The format of your contribution should follow the guidelines described in IOS Press instructions and tools for book authors on how to prepare and submit a camera-ready manuscript in MS Word. Please read the instructions carefully.

Click here to download the zipfile with the instructions and tools for MS Word

For dynamic demonstrations another template exists. Submitters of proposals for demonstrations are required to fill in all the mandatory template information and should follow the formatting rules of the provided Demonstration template. These abstracts will not be included in the proceedings but will be available on the conference website.